Successfully defending doctors, hospitals, long-term care facilities and other health care providers requires attorneys who understand complex medical issues and are able to explain these concepts in simple concise terms to arbitrators, judges, mediators, and jurors. LLG lawyers successfully defend our health care clients as a result of their experience, training, and depth of industry knowledge.

As a premier boutique firm dedicated to the defense of health care providers, LLG has the experience and resources to effectively and efficiently defend any health care provider against alleged violations of California’s Elder and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act (EADACPA) and the various additional causes of action accompanying those claims.

Our attorneys have successfully defended health care providers in claims of alleged elder abuse in arbitration and trial. We have extensive resources and access to well-qualified specialists in nursing, facility administration, geriatrics, wound care, infectious disease, dermatology, orthopedics, and regulatory affairs. We have immediate access to specialists with unique experience in providing care and treatment to elderly and dependent adult patients.

LLG attorneys regularly provide continuing education seminars on Elder Abuse litigation to attorneys and to in-service programs for staff members of long term care providers. Most importantly, our attorneys are passionate and aggressive in their representation of owners/operators, administrators, and staff members of long term care providers which is essential in effectively responding to the typical inflammatory allegations pursued by many crusading plaintiff attorneys.


LLG attorneys have decades of experience. Our lawyers have arbitrated or litigated hundreds of cases for health care providers throughout California and neighboring states.


All of our attorneys undergo extensive training in the legal and medical issues facing our health care clients. Most of our senior lawyers have written, lectured, and taught health care providers, attorneys, and judges how to address issues involved in medical-legal litigation.


In complex medical-legal court battles, the side with the most coordinated team effort most often prevails. Every matter handled by LLG is assigned to a team depending on the needs of the individual case. Each case has an experienced trial lawyer who coordinates the efforts of team members in providing a successful and efficient defense.

The proof is in the results. The experience, training, and depth of LLG show in our results.