Change is good and good people deserve their day

Change is the most basic reality of existence and good people deserve their day. I started this year like so many others, reflecting on the past year, planning and organizing my thoughts for our firm, and how we can continue in our efforts to provide the best possible service to our clients. It was raining and I was sitting in my home office, yes, with a fantastic small batch whiskey.


I walked into the office the next morning and was greeted by the normal cacophony of our office, the phone was ringing, people were talking in the halls, the lobby, and the kitchen. Our front desk assistant told me Jeffery was on the phone taking in a new case, Shawn was in a deposition, and various other attorneys were out meeting with clients or at hearings. I kind of smiled and went back to my office to finish review of a medical record….but thoughts kept coming into my mind…who are we, where are we going?


Jeffery recently reached a successful resolution of major injury case for a long time client and was named an editor for DRI publications. Shawn was fresh out of a hotly contested trial awaiting a verdict. These are good men, good lawyers, good people I was thinking. I am blessed they are part of our firm.


Then it hit me…as it should have earlier… they are the future of this firm and the future looks amazing. I thought of my own career arc and just how lucky I was to work with people like Russell Porter, Ned Weiberg, Norm Prior, Grant Woodruff, Mac Prout, and so many others. We all try to pay it forward and there comes a time to announce important changes.


Jeffery Long and Shawn Loorz are the future of this firm and I am pleased to announce a new day…a new firm… LeVangie • Long • Loorz. This restructuring of the firm is long overdue and these people, and everyone who works at the firm, will continue our tradition of excellence and expecting more from every day ahead.


Please join me in congratulating both of them: and This change will allow us to continue providing leadership within the legal industry and our community well into the future and we look forward to continuing to provide you superior services. I am still here, still focused on our direction, but cannot wait to see how these men grow the firm, our community, and the legal profession as a whole.  Please join me in celebrating this growth and expansion and we look forward to continuing our provision of services for you.


—Michael J. LeVangie