what we do

“We know responsiveness matters. As your partner we respond to every client phone call and email within three hours
or less … Simply Superior Service – S3TM - what you deserve - what we provide.”

Health and Long Term Care

Representing Doctors, Hospitals, and Long Term Care Facilities

Real Estate and Construction Law

Representing Developers and Construction Professionals



Defending Sports, Recreation, and
Leisure Providers

who we are

We know business and we know litigation is not a welcome environment. Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, you are probably in litigation after other solutions failed. While most law firms follow the same routine in every case, we believe in creating a strategy directed by the goals you want to achieve.
We constantly re-ask the question: “What difference does ‘it’ make to the desired outcome?” Our experience tells us it usually does not take 20 depositions to determine the controlling facts, nor does it take 14 discovery motions, it takes lawyers focused on your goals. We are also clear that we much prefer
repeat work than one-off clients. Our desire to continuously earn your work drives us in doing whatever is necessary to ensure
your satisfaction with the work we handle for you.

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